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The History of Grall Law Group & Tara Plantation

The offices of the Grall Law Group are as unique in appearance as they are in outlook; neither is what you expect.

Set on ten acres, the building looks more like a house than an office. In fact, it’s reminiscent of Tara, the plantation house in David O. Selznick’s film, Gone with the Wind. The modern-day antebellum architecture with its columns and portico is real. The name on the sign near the road on 20th Street says “Tara Plantation”.

The fact that Gone with the Wind wall-mounted painted plates are hanging on the walls of a law library tells you this is no movie set. Real work is done here.

Bernard F. Grall, Jr., Esquire, the founder of the firm, is the driving force behind the design of the building and the design of the practice. Both are built to exceptional standards. Mr. Grall started his firm in 1979 after being in practice just four years. His firm relocated to Tara Plantation in 1989 and Tara has been its home since that time.

The business focuses on personal injury litigation and the attorneys exude an air of confidence and ability, but there’s no pretense in their warm handshakes or smiles.

Grall and his children, Erin Grall, Esquire, and Patrick Grall, Esquire, handle civil litigation and specialize in personal injury and wrongful death. The Gralls take a hands-on approach to the practice of law and the family aspect of the firm assures their clients that they truly care for them and their situation. “My father’s reputation is excellent and it is a tremendous experience to learn from a man who values honesty and hard work,” says his daughter, Erin Grall.  As Bernie Grall’s hard work resulted in a unique office setting, that same hard work also resulted in him gaining the second largest claims bill in Florida’s history.

“There’s good diversity among the three of us,” Bernie Grall offers. “We work hard and good things happen.” The good things that happen include the growth of the business, mostly by word of mouth from very satisfied clients. “People prefer you straight up,” Grall states. “Our goal is to help people, and approaching our decisions from a business perspective is the key to our success.”

“There are four things I focus on,” Bernie Grall says. “Family and church are first, then come community and career.”

Firm profile of Grall Law group

Built in 1989, Tara Plantation is the home of Grall Law Group. Bernard F. Grall, Jr., the founder of the firm, is the driving force behind the design of the building and the design of the practice. Both are built to exceptional standards.